A New Generation of Spirituality

A New Generation of Spirituality - GrowGlowLove.com

What I know: 

There is a great force in the universe. It has been called different names over the years: god, love, source, energy, light. It is a force of energy that vibrates and rings through the universe. It is in all of life. It is life.

Spirituality, it’s not just for weirdos anymore. Not that I’m not a weirdo….. I’m kind of a weirdo. But you know what I mean, traditional spirituality can be a little too out-there. The terms ‘spirituality’ and ‘new age’ evoke images of hippies in long flowy dresses sitting in drum circles, crystals in hands, chanting …. stuff like that. Stuff that main streamers view as…uhh….weird.

But things are changing. Have you noticed? Spirituality isn’t just for hippies and gurus anymore.  People all over the world are waking up and realizing there is something more to life. Something more than what we can recognize with our five senses. Something that encompasses all religions, all people. Something that tells us that we are all connected somehow.

Look around and you will see a large group of new “Spirit Junkies” (thank you, Gabrielle Bernstein) emerging. Many are former atheists or agnostics or those turned off by organized religion. Vast numbers of people are realizing that the truth lies within oneself, not from the pulpit of a stranger. People who are suddenly waking up to their existence with a sense that they can, they must change the world for the better.

This is all new to me. I’m learning everyday. And I’ve learned that I don’t  fit into the serious side of spirituality.

Maybe I can’t help but laugh if someone slips out a fart in yoga class.

Maybe I am a peaceful loving being one minute and a big grumpy jerk the next.

Maybe some of this stuff makes me roll my eyes and question the validity of everything.

But this spiritual awakening has hit me and I’m not alone. More people everyday are waking up to the realization that we are all connected, all a part of something bigger. Some call this connectedness God, Source, Spirit, the Divine, Energy, Mother Nature and so on. Call it whatever works for you, baby. What’s really exciting is that science (via quantum physics) is beginning to prove some of these ideas of interconnectedness that religions have been talking about since, well, since the beginning of religions.

I’ve become obsessed with the vast world of spirituality. I read every book I can get my hands on, watch the weirdest of the weird videos on youtube and get my jollies from watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday every week. As I explore the different areas of spirituality, I feel the need to spread the knowledge, spread the love. From the ‘woo-woo’ end of the spectrum to the scientific, I’m diving in and documenting the things I find. Feel free to take what you want from it and leave the stuff you don’t.

I wish you luck and love on your journey.

And drop me a line, will ya?

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7 thoughts on “A New Generation of Spirituality”

  1. Ooooh I loved Gabrielle Bernstein’s books, and I’ve got crystals all over my house, lol. No drum circles for me but whatever – what works for one person might not do it for the next.
    I too have been exploring it all, currently reading a book on Buddhism.

    Thanks for stopping by my Facebook page, it’s good to see that REAL people are out there sometimes. 🙂
    Meaghan recently posted…Life Lately: High Five for FridayMy Profile

  2. I am also looking for those who question life and Spirituality, especially those involved in The Project of Garth. I look at life considerably different than other individuals. I go beyond the present day books.
    Richard recently posted…RealityMy Profile

      1. I was acquainted with the project years ago when I had a kundalini experience, And I was curious if anybody else in the world was approached with the concept.

        I had many adventures of the mind those days, what is interesting is that Garth means Workers of the Garden.
        At the moment there is a shift in Consciousness, and I suspect I am part of it.
        Richard recently posted…MindfulnessMy Profile

      2. Sorry for the delay, I do not check site this too often.
        I went through a period of mucho visualization and I believe I became a part in the Project of Garth. It was as if were all having a glass of Brandy toasting the project.
        With the label on the bottle clearly labeled in gold or brass the Project of Garth.

        Sounds screwed up, but I was curious if there were others in the world with similar visions.
        Richard recently posted…Is God Bored ?My Profile

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